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Plentifull technique – Medical, 2 shot, special specifications

Medical, 2 shot


We provides high quality molds for everything from small lot production to mass production.


We create the finest molds by using our extensive mold manufacturing know-how and skills.

  • ・Available for small to large size medical products
  • ・Available for core back molding and rotational molding

Semi-hot and Compression Molds

Semi-hot and Compression Molds

This is a compression molding mold using a mold clamping mechanism of injection machine. It eliminates flush that develop in the PL face because it contact the PL face during filling. We also create molds with internal gate cutting. This minimizes product weld lines, solves warping and deformation, and increases transcription performance.

  • ・Semi-hot – Less waste, higher cycles
  • ・Ring gate – Uniform flow, higher precision
  • ・Wider gate – Low pressure filling
  • ・Thicker product walls – Low pressure filling
  • ・Total compression – uniform compression strength, higher precision
  • ・Retainer – Concentricity, uniform gas vent