IPM Corporation


Mold Design


IPM’s Mold Design Department has received high praise for the newest production system and flexible design stance. We utilize our diverse know-how through trial and error in our experience. We can manufacture low cost and high value added molds for our customers.

  • ・Reduced manufacturing lead time by using of the KATANAVI system
  • ・High productivity mold design through our original cooling technology

Injection Molding Molds


IPM supplies precision molds for information media, lenses, medical component parts, and other diverse needs. We create high value added products that are high precision, long life, high cycle, and multi-cavity.

  • ・Roundness and concentric processing by jig grinding technology
  • ・High precision processing by grinding
  • ・Long life molds by full heat treatment

Mass Production of Prototypes


Through integrated trial mass production (prototype to mass production) we have cut our lead time from design to manufacturing with efficient system. We provide you high precision, long life molds on high cycle.

  • ・2 plate/3 plate hot runners available
  • ・Short lead time for diverse insert molding and 2 shot molding molds